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A selection of natural stone in the home decoration.


A selection of natural stone in the home decoration

At present, the natural stone decoration is well-liked to brighten my home nearly anyplace, whether or not the reception, residential hotels, searching malls, etc. The natural stone decoration is fashionable in many sorts.

1.  Marble is a natural stone that’s caused by the pressure of the layer, that may be a stone texture, white, or generally produce other color mixtures like yellow, pink, grey conjointly predicates regulation focuses mineral and mixed with marble texture. rocks square measure soft. and might be damaged simply by drilling. Is appropriate to be used within and sounding terribly significant marble isn’t allowed to be foreign from abroad. Most of the sources within the color Shine from Chong white – grey, black and white colors of Words – Pink from Phran Kratai register size 30×30 and 30×60 cm s and a square measure one.5 to two cm thick.2.  Granite is a stone band. The rock could be a crystal clear, gray, red, green, black, pink, blue granite, as a result of there area unit several colors. the choice will be accustomed to enhance the within and out of doors. The rock is powerful, will face up to scratches. immune to acid. It additionally makes it look elegant, ornamental granite in conveyance all of the countries. And foreign countries like Italia, America commonplace is obtainable purchasable size 30×60, 40×80, or move order like thirty x30, 60×120, 40×40. If the scale of the stone is incredibly massive. Have a deflection. The thickness of roughly one.5 to 2 cm.

3.   Plain stone or slate. Stone with dense shiny and stiff than the sedimentary rock. However, it’s not laborious to use a saw to chop it. is that the made-up section doesn’t apply to the face plenty. Most colored and black. however typically mixed with brown, green, looking on the mineral. The outer stone mixed with either a straight cut. leading-edge and also the size 30×30, 40×40 cm.

4.  consists of sand, little rocks loan. The natural surroundings. town incised within the widespread eye, white, grey, and different colors area unit currently used for sugar. Paving the approach for a go in the park, or style the walls with arenaceous rock paving sizes 30×30, 30×60 cm. In selecting what to shop for. to contemplate embrace the installation of the building. The stone ought to be able to face up to the surroundings isn’t a straightforward ground ought to be able to load the fencing to the skin ought to have a robust put in at intervals the building. ought to be a rock that appears elegant. will be cut decoration. The building ought to be resistant stone works fairly well. Interior walls will be employed in a range of materials to satisfy the demand.  The size of the world ought to be lined before. to work out what percentage stones area unit used. sufficient to satisfy the wants or not Color, pattern, vogue setup. The crab could be a crab, it had been not a retardant, this is often constant color throughout. The crab patterns. ought to be designed ahead to use the quantity. And compatibility of the rock however dissolves.  Finally, note it. whether or not the sort of rock. ought to think about the acquisition order. Natural stone, particularly marble paving. The granite is sleek on each sheet is the same force. take a look at by rubbing the sleek surface at the junction of the horizontal surface won’t chip, dent or crack porousness of the expanse lined and take a look at to knock the opacity and color are clear. as a result of no pun totally lined.

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