Accessorize The Walls With Beautiful Art

Generally when accessorizing a room is mentioned you think of lamps, area rugs, floral arraignments etc. However, there is one more important accessory that should not be forgotten –  Art Work.

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Hanging framed prints or posters adds personality to any room. Its not only a way to bring in color and texture it will also give the room a finished look.

When choosing prints look for pieces that will complement your rooms decor style and also the eye.

If you are a renter this is a marvelous way to bring punches of color when painting walls is not an option.

Its also a great way to bring your personality into a room. For example: love of flowers, landscapes, sports or possibly a favorite artist.

When purchasing prints remember groupings of picture will bring interest to a wall. Instead of one single picture look for several with the same theme – different shapes will add more interest – and frame style.

An example of this can be seen with the two prints featured at left – available from ” target=”new”>All Posters. They both relate to the same subject – Orchids – with similar colors.

Paired together they would make a dramatic statement, especially if you are a fan of Asian design or just a lover of flowers.

Before hanging any pictures one tip – place the pictures on the floor and play around with the configuration until you come upon one you really like. This step will save your walls from looking like a piece of Swiss cheese.

Keep grouping fairly close together and remember to hang at eye level.

Prints and posters are not the only option for use as a wall accessory. Several more ideas are listed below.

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