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What Happens If You Eat Potatoes Every Day

The timeless crispy treat is doing more harm that you might believe …

When the idea of a snack food comes to mind, there’s a good chance you opportunity think right away believe bag of potato chips. Plus, it’s extremely easy to consume a whole bag of chips in one sitting.

However have you ever stopped and questioned precisely what occurs to your body when you consume potato chips? Especially if you take place to eat a bag every day?

Well, kick back and relax; preferably without a bag of chips; as we disclose the surprise facts of what goes on in your body whenever you eat a bag of potato chips.

You’ll gain pounds

get fat

If you take place to take pleasure in eating potato chips every day, there’s a good opportunity you simply may begin packing on the pounds. The more salted chips you eat, the more you’ll want, and that leads to weight gain.

You can get addicted

chips addiction

Ever found yourself simply mindlessly taking in a bag of potato chips simply to look down and see there is absolutely nothing nevertheless crumbs? Well, there is really a reason that and this all pertains to the “crunch” sound chips make.

One research study found that the people associated a loud crunch sound to the freshness of the food, making it chose. Another collection of research studies launched in the journal Cravings discovered that individuals were probably to take in more chips if the bag was identified as “crispy” and they took in more chips when they may hear the noise of the crunch, compared to when they had earphones on and the noise was locked out.

If you see a food to be fresher, you think it’s chosen, which can lead you to consume a whole bag of chips in one sitting. This describes why this can keep happening each time you take in chips, too. You can see why they are a seriously addictive reward.

Low Nutrition

chips lovers

If your meal frequently consist of chips as part of your diet plan, you might not be taking in as numerous nutrients as you should. Chips are generally low in minerals and vitamins, and they tend to displace things in the diet plan that are greater in nutrients. Consuming healthy treats can assist offset any dietary absence at meal times, so if you select chips instead of treats with a high nutrient density, you will not get this advantage.

Your blood pressure will skyrocket

blood pressure monitor

If you consume super salted snacks like potato chips routinely, over time, you’re going to end up setting yourself up to develop hypertension. One study discovered a connection between eating potato chips and a boost in heart illness, so if you desire to best secure your ticker, it’s best to put down those everyday bags of potato chips.

High Cholesterol

Regular chip usage can contribute to high cholesterol levels since of the quantity and type of fat discovered in chips. High levels of trans fats in the blood stream are associated with high levels of LDL cholesterol and an increased threat of coronary heart illness.

What, no snacks for me?

You may feel that snacks like potato chips are cheap, easy-to-find and rewarding. When snacking comes at the expense of a well balanced, active and lively way of life, unexpectedly that bag of chips isn’t worth it at all.

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