Business Degree In Supply Chain Management

The aim of this degree is providing complete understanding of the importance of logical activities on the firm as well as the supply chain. This course will also provide the key relationship between the logistical structures and supply chain in a firm. As Supply logistics contribute or account for about 25% of a firm’s or company’s total cost.

The Following are the Functions of Supply Chain Management Personnel:

  • To design and manage process, activities and flows pertaining to materials and information which satisfy customers needs and requirements.
  • Supply Chain and logistics activities and decisions have a direct bearing on customer service as well as market penetration.
  • The strategic significance of Supply Chain Management has increased in the presence of improved electronic commerce and globalization.
  • New opportunities for better distribution have been created due to improved and better electronic commerce.
  • Enterprise Information Infrastructure has created a need for various supply chain optimization technologies.
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The Aim of a Business Degree in Supply Chain Management and Logistics are the Following:

Developing a clear understanding and comprehension of important drivers of supply chain performance and their correlation with strategy and other departments of the company such as Marketing, manufacturing and accounting.

Imparting Analytical skills and problem solving skills for solving various design problems in supply chain management and also to successfully implement and understand the need for information technology to improve the performance of supply chain and logistic activities and processes.

Understanding the level of complexity of inter-firm and intra-firm in implementation and co-coordination of various programs like e-collaboration, quick response, jointly managed inventories and strategic alliances.

Developing the ability to design logistical systems which are tuned to both internal needs of a firm as well as the corporate strategies and market requirements.

To bring in changes in the current logistics and supply chain systems for efficiency and better performance.

Finding the barriers and potential threats to the supply chain systems which are affecting the performance and taking necessary steps to overcome them with effective strategies.

Career Opportunities/Prospects and Growth with a degree in Supply Chain Management

Almost all small and big companies would be interested in hiring individuals pursuing a degree or course in Supply Chain Management with strong analytical skills and motivation to lead these companies’ global supply chain.

Almost all the companies and firms require individuals and employees to manage their supply chains successfully and efficiently. Job openings and opportunities for SCM is vast like manufacturing and production companies, service providers, retailers, Automobile companies, Food and Grocery companies, transportation firms, third party logistics firms, government agencies and also consulting agencies and firms.

You may start your career as a Demand Planner or a SCM Analyst and then after 5years or more you would be promoted to the post of Project Manager or Sourcing Manager and then finally the highest level after 10 years or more of industry experience would be Vice President of Logistics.

Salary Outlook:

A graduate in Supply Chain Management can draw a modest salary, but once you enter the managerial position with sufficient amount of analytical skills and motivation, you can earn up to $200,000 per year. According to the U.S National Averages, the average salary of a supply chain manager would be $95,554.

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