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Cat health

Cat health problems, cat care

There is much you can do to prevent that your cat is having health problems. At the bottom of this page, you find some fine merchants where you can order all kinds of stuff to help your cat stay healthy. Or if he is sick, to get him well as soon as possible.

In the blue section below  you can find information about a number of diseases a cat can get. The best you can do if you suspect your cat is sick, is go to your vet, to get professional advise.

If you provide your cat with good cat food, many health problems can be prevented.. We will try to give you an honest answer  in the cat food section

Tips on cat grooming

In addition to helping your cat maintain his optimal appearance, grooming also gives you an opportunity to regularly check your cat’s health. You can look for changes in his appearance that may be signs of injury, illness, or parasites. Regular grooming conditions the cat in case he should ever need professional grooming. Grooming also gives you and your cat a chance to bond and develop your relationship through contact. If you begin combing your cat as a kitten, he or she is much more likely to enjoy it.


Cats in the wild shed only in the spring, but because domestic cats are kept in artificially lit and heated conditions, they molt all year round. As a result, cats need regular grooming. Longhaired cats will get matted coats if not groomed regularly. Cats also shed excessively when they are under stress or upset. Therefore, cats will tend to lose a lot of hair while you are grooming them.

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