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Home Decorating That Is Luxurious Yet Environmentally Friendly

A lot of people want to change their homes into an eco-friendly oasis, but still want to keep the luxury in the home decor also. You won’t need to worry, there are many new ways that you can change your home around and some old ways you may have never considered. So get ready to go green in your home and to keep the luxury plus save some money along the way!

Most companies are now making products that they have ensured are friendly to the economy. There are many choices, where once there were few. Furniture and home decor should be easily found and you don’t always need to buy brand new items. Pick out a few eco-friendly items you really like and build around those to create fantastic decor.

One luxurious touch you may desire is hardwood flooring. The look of hardwood flooring is very in, but this can be difficult to achieve in an eco-friendly manner. An inexpensive and eco-friendly way to get this look is to use recycled wood for your flooring. Often when older homes and buildings are torn down much of the wood is still in good condition. Contact a local contractor and tell them that you would like to install hardwood floors by using recycled wood. Many will jump at the chance to do a job like this because even though you are paying a lower price, they still make double their money on the wood. First, they get paid to tear it out and then they get paid to install it in your home. This makes everyone happy because the contractor makes money and you save both trees and money!

Another addition to your home that can save you money while making your home luxuriously green is the use of an area rug. Area rugs protect the investment you have made in your floor and furnishings. Area rugs also help to keep a room warmer. Walking on a cold wooden floor in the wintertime can send a chill straight to your bones, but not with an area rug. No carpeting can compare to a hardwood floor with an area rug when it comes to ease in cleaning, either. Area rugs do not require electricity to clean, they will come clean simply by being hung over the clothesline and beaten. Once this is finished sweep your floor before laying the area rug back in place.

So if you’re going to change your home to be more eco-friendly don’t worry about making it less luxurious. With the use of recycled goods, you will find that your home will be able to look both luxurious and be eco-friendly and save you money.

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