Symptoms of low testosterone discussed here

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Testosterone Deficiency

Symptoms of low testosterone are important to note because testosterone is such a crucial hormone. In fact, testosterone deficiency may lead to a host of health problems, such as heart disease or prostate issues.

Testosterone is what make a man a man. However, women also have this hormone naturall present in their bodies (just as men also have a certain level of female hormones).

Millions of men naturally have a low testosterone, but it’s impotant to also know that after a man hits 30 years of age, the level of testosterone in the body decreases by an average of 2% per year!

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

low libido

lack of energy/fatigue


erectile dysfunction

reduction in lean muscle mass

increased flab/fat retention — although is is not a symptom per se, it is one of the consequences of low testosterone levels.

Diminished healthy male “aggressiveness”

Talk to your Doctor about Low Testosterone

You can be screened by your doctor to see if you do in fact have testosterone deficiency.

There are various treatment methods available that include: injections, gels, and patches.

Talk to your doctor about these low testosterone treatments.

Natural Supplements

If you are suffering from the symptoms of low testosterone there are also natural non-prescription supplements.

Perhaps the most promising of all is Deer Antler Velvet extract.

Here’s how it might be used as a testosterone booster:

In scientific studies analyzing the medical properties of deer velvet antler, Dr. Peter Fennessy, General Manager of the Invermay Research Center in pncOtago, New Zealand found that when looking at the factors that make antlers grow, high levels of IGF-1.

IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor-1) is not just a substance found in deer velvet antler or antler supplements.

In humans, when we are young (in our late teens and 20’s) we have higher levels of what is called HGH (human growth hormone) which you have probably heard of. HGH is able to influence IGF-1 in our bodies.

Deer velvet antler have what is known as androgenic activity, which increases the production of testosterone, which is good news for those with testosterone deficiency.

This is why champion athletes (even ones who competed at the Olympics), right down to men who are suffering from low libido, diminished sex drive, inability to maintain an erection or have trouble with orgasm are turning to deer velvet antler supplements as a testosterone supplement.

A former winner of the Mr. New Zealand contest, Justin Rys, said: “Deer velvet gave me the extra edge.”

We discovered High Quality Deer Antler Velvet products at Deer Antler Plus.

It may be of strong interest to those suffering from the symptoms of low testosterone.

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