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Top 12 proofs that the Lord of the Rings is better than Harry Potter

We’ve been serving you for years and taking Harry Potter every day. Well, of course will change the deal a bit. Here is from the Lord of the Rings. And we are sure of a chosen one: The Lord of the Rings easily smashes Harry Potter. Here is the evidence from the police inspector.

1. The world of the Lord of the Rings is much larger than that of wizards

12000 years of History with Gods (Valar and Maiar), a true Lord of Evil, the birth of the Elves, the wars against Melkior, then against Sauron, 3 Ages, the lore of the SDA is unique and has influenced so many authors thereafter. The Harry Potter lore is 4 old people who created a school.

2. Harry Potter stole lots of ideas from The Lord of the Rings

There are so many things: the Dark Lord, his connection to the hero, the object to be destroyed, the Nazguls / Dementors, Gandalf / Dumbledore, JK Rowling pumped it all. We have a top here on the evidence that Harry Potter is plagiarism of The Lord of the Rings.

3. Elves from Lord of the Rings are more fuckable than Elves from Harry Potter

Between Legolas or Dobby, to whom do you offer a video projector and on which you reverse with your pick-up?

4. The friendship between Frodo and Sam is more sincere than that between Harry and Ron

Sam he’s ready to give his body (but kinda really) to support and protect “M’sieur Frodo” as Ron shouts as soon as Harry speaks with Hermione.

5. In Harry Potter, no one can predict the arrival of Voldemort by seeing that the moon is red

No, a student must die to finally receive the coming of the Dark Lord.

6. Frodo deserves more credit than Harry

Frodo he travels an entire continent to end in a volcano, far from his family and his friends. Harry, he spends the year doing botany classes while hunting down lots of girls.

7. Gandalf plays better than Dumbledore

Ian McKellen is different from Michael Gambon. And then there’s one who comes to save his pals with an army in the first light of Day 5 while the other spends his time in his office filling his Pensieve with ass memories.

8. Three books are enough to tell the greatest adventure of all time

While for Harry Pot de fleur you need 7 books. I have no time to waste, I have to go eat my second breakfast.

9. We can fantasize about Aragorn

Isn’t there Aragorn son of Arathorn descendant of Isildur in Harry Potter as far as I know? Good bah here.

10. In the SDA, we discover magnificent landscapes

The Shire, the Rohan, the Moria (a little scary this one), Minas Tirith, the Mordor (I advise against it anyway), everything is beautiful in the SDA, and we have only one desire is to go live in New Zealand. For Harry Potter, every year it’s a smelly castle with snakes and spiders. Great atmosphere.

11. There is no Ravenclaw in Tolkien’s universe

These people are unbearable.

12. Music

So yes Harry Potter is known, but there is only one music roughly. While the LOTR is more than 2 hours of background music, perfect for working, writing, making love or cooking a boeuf bourguignon. Here is an excerpt.

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